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Do heavy periods affect your life?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. It’s estimated that excessive menstrual bleeding affects 1 out of every 5 women –that’s about 10 million women.

Studies show excessive menstrual bleeding means more than heavy bleeding. It can affect women in a number of ways:


  • Many feel tired and nauseated
  • Many experience bad cramps
  • Many have headaches


  • More than 60% have had to miss social or
    athletic events
  • About 80% report avoiding sex
  • 33% have been forced to miss work


  • 77% have depression or moodiness
  • 75% feel anxious
  • 57% report a lack of confidence during their period

Talking to your doctor about excessive menstrual bleeding

If getting the conversation started once you’re there seems hard, try one of these openers:

If you suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding and do not wish to have any children in the future, be sure to ask your doctor if NovaSure may be right for you.

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